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Gambling is one of the few activities that are popular all over the world.   There are numerous places around the world where a person can lay down a bet on the roll of a pair of dice, the turn of a card or the length of a horse’s nose.  There are many ways to gamble depending on what interests you.  But every country has its own rules and regulations regarding gambling and the places that can participate in that activity.  South Africa is no different.   South Africa regulates all forms of gambling at casinos and racetracks.  That includes companies that wish to operate a casino online.   The regulations prohibit any South Africa online casino.   There are steep fines for a company that provides online gaming in South Africa. These regulations make it hard for people in South Africa to satisfy their taste for gaming at a casino online. Although there are gaming companies that are seeking the ability to operate a South Africa online casino, the government has been firm in their current stance against online gaming.  And that opinion may not change anytime soon.  Even though there would be a great deal of money made by everyone if online gaming was legalized.   The amount of money at stake has not stopped companies from offering online gaming products to the South Africa populace.  If you were to do an internet search for “online casino South Africa”, you would find numerous sites that claim to offer gaming to South Africans.   The companies operating these sites obviously feel that the economic benefits far outweigh any legal consequences that they might face.  And they may be right.  If they are making more money than the fines against online gaming are, they can justify skirting the law. So if you go back to that internet search for “online casino South Africa”, you will be faced with some choices.  Is online gaming important enough for you to use one of these sites? If it is, then do your research and find the best site for you.  It doesn’t take long to research a company.  Make sure that the site is run by a respected gaming company.  A respected company will give you a fair chance to win.  They will also be easier to deal with if you have a problem.  Good companies want repeat customers and they will do whatever it takes to keep their customers happy.   If you do as much research as you can, you will ensure that your gaming experience will be pleasant (and possibly profitable) for you.